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A second thread, tried using the tool said by toms and other forums and now confused , Some body can help me out with a file server monitoring application. All are very expensive and solemnly not authorizing a single application also. Please help in finding the best application.

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  1. Please describe your server along with the applications/services you are using. Also, please describe what you are trying to do. Be sure to include the number of users and how they are connecting to your server.
  2. I have to describe my server. Its an File Server and that too a windows 2008 r2. And what I'm trying to do is I want to monitor all the files and folder with in my server. You are concerned about the number of AD users. if that soo then they must be approximate 4k.

    All are connecting via RDP network.

    Please do let me know the applications name and along with the brief website also.

  3. What tools were recommended to you previously?
  4. Quest, manaegegine and couples of more, including

    Can you please let me know your answer...???

    Approx waiting for more people advice...!!!

  5. What is your budget? I ask because free tools can only do so much. Sounds like you have tried several options that don't meet your needs.

    Do you have to stay on a Windows based infrastructure, or is a change over to a Linux environment an option?
  6. Did you try these steps mentioned at the thread....

    All the steps are useless, in the present sceanario of Windows 2012 server all these steps are not applicable. And if possible please let me know the freeware tools that is something appreciable from your side and about the budget constraints its only like 500 to 600 usd thats it.
  7. Earlier, you mentioned you have Server 2008. Now you refer to Server 2012. Which do you actually have installed?
  8. I said that this link is not working when i posted then at that time I have installed 2008 but due to some circumstances I deleted and upgraded to 2012 and now all those links dont work. Anyways pl configure out for 2012 and let me know back. Since i was in a way for an application so i forgot about the 2008 r2 server and all.

    Thanks for the reminder and please let me know for the configuration and moreover I 'm going to set up a test server which would contain the configuration that is same as mentioned at the technet thread and moreover then would be replying all for the same.

  9. Hi Mr. Col Greek i tested the link you said and i made all the configuration as it was mentioned on to the thread and after a couple of days i found my file server crashes. We called the HP person and founded that the reason beyond this crash was the changes I made. A blue screen came and then it was almost gone. Please help me out to this.

  10. Just to be clear. Are you using 2008 or 2012 or both?
  11. 2008 .

    And please if you can put a thread it would be perfect else let me know some good ways.
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    There are several links that may help you. Start here:

    Honestly, aside from the tools included with Server 2008, there are no good free options. To get the features and ease of use you seem to desire, you may need to pay for better tools (or switch to a Linux based environment where free tools are abundant).
  13. Thanks for this information. Would reply you in few days of time and regarding the linux environment so this cant be done and for paying yes we are ready but after a test of all the features and needs.

    If there are good paid tools please update so that i can test them as well.

  14. Sorry for the late reply

    Have you look at this tool with a very competitive pricing
  15. Thanks chris for your reply. Would update you back as I'm on the middle of some manual testing. Once if i dont achieved this to it then only i would be using the tool .

    Keep you update back.

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