Need help with choosing $1000 gaming pc

Hey guys.

I want to build my first gaming pc somewhere whithin the next six months. My old pc is getting too slow. I have never build a pc before so i would like some info on part picking. I'm afraid i pick parts that aren't compatible togetter.

Approximate Purchase Date: somewhere whithin the next six months.

Budget Range: around $1000

System Usage from Most to Least Important:
most important: playing games like skyrim, gta-V (not realy big games like crysis).
Least important: watching movies, surfing the web, etc

Are you buying a monitor: No i already have a 1920x1080 VGA, DVI and HDMI monitor

Parts to Upgrade: none, i want a fully new pc

Do you need to buy OS: yes but i can get windows 8 very cheap, so don't include windows whith the price

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: i live in the Netherlands so any dutch site, for example: (

Location: Groningen, The Netherlands

Parts Preferences: i prefer Intel over AMD

Overclocking: maybe, i haven't realy looked into overclocking before

SLI or Crossfire:No, i think i need only one GPU

Your Monitor Resolution:1920x1080

Additional Comments:I don't need any peripherals like keyboard, mouse etc. Only the pc.

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: My Current pc is getting old. Almost 5 years old now and the framerate is getting on my nerves.

I don't have any parts selected right now, i just wanted some starter tips before i do anything.
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  2. Thanks guys, i these builds look awesome. Many thanks!
  3. No problem.You're welcome!
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