Looking for a new laptop (pc specialist optimus iv), but need some advice?

The thread title pretty much sets the scene. As I have 2 250gb Samsung 840 SSD's in my current laptop (toshiba satellite l500 from 2009) I have decided I will move ahead with these as they hold my system as I like it, so here is where I am at. I have looked around at retail laptops and I am just bitterly disappointed but in my quest to find a laptop to buy in the next two months, I found this laptop on pcspecialist (UK) which is customisable and unbranded (though I believe it is a Clevo laptop that is outsourced to other independent companies for customisation):

The build I have chosen is with the minimum ram (already have 8gb ddr3 lying around at home), minimum hard drive spec (they dont ship without, i already asked), no OS and I put in an i5 3230m 2.6ghz (3.2ghz turbo) for a final price of 590GBP inc VAT. I am just wondering is the i5 I have chosen a good choice? There are a few other dual cores: i5 3340, 3360, 3380, i7 3540 and then 3 quad core i7s and if I am being realistic I will play games on this (given it has a GTX 660m 2gb GDDR5) and aside from that I will do the regular fun stuff like coursework. Do I really NEED anything better than the i5 3230m? It is hyperthreaded with 4 threads and to be honest I cant see it having trouble with its clock speed of 2.6ghz, I want to be relatively "futureproof" but my current core2 duo p8600 only on occasion will have a bit of a seizure if I throw too much at it and the i5 I have chosen looks like it will pretty much crap on most laptop CPU's so I feel nothing more is really necessary...?

I would appreciate any feedback as I dont really know much about these cpu's, I have set my heart on this laptop though as it has 2 hard drive bays AND an optical drive too, and the cpu and gpu heatsinks can be acccessed really easily without taking everything apart so I believe re-pasting with AS5 will be an absolute doddle if required.

If anyone has experience with the laptop too, please let me know but so far I have only heard good things
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    Clevo makes pretty decent products, so no worries there. Regarding your CPU choice, I think you make a good choice in terms of power/price. The chosen i5 should be more than enough to meet you processing needs.

    More is always better, but more costs more. I recommend you stick with your current plan/decision. You can always change in the future (and sell the original CPU) is required.

    Good luck!
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