Samsung 840 250GB Alignment

Most SSD optimization guides say to use an alignment of 1024KB when partitioning with diskpart to avoid having windows create a 100MB system reserved partition.

However, his particular Samsung SSD has an erase block size of 1536KB (maybe something to do with TLC having 3 bits per cell.. I dunno) instead of 1024KB.

If you plug in the specs to this tool ( it reports the erase block as misaligned with the partition offset.

Series 840 250 GB (non-pro):

NAND erase block size: 1536kb

NAND page size: 8kb

So 1536/8 = 192 pages per block.

a 1024KB offset is 1048576 bytes.

So what would be the proper align param on this drive?

If you put in 1536KB (1572864 bytes) as the partition offset then everything seems to line up.

Does that mean owners of this drive should use the align=1536 arg with partitioning?

Has anyone dealt with this yet?
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  1. No, but I am pretty sure that you will not have any problems by going down that path.
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