Low Fraps fps with Phenom 1100t @ 4.0ghz / 6870 gpu

Hey I have a problem with my system. I am not sure if its a bottle neck or a old hdd causing low fps. I am trying to run wow and record with fraps. With wow on a medium setting, and fraps set to capture full screen. I get 20-30fps and this makes the videos choppy and slow. My system is as fallows...

Phenom 2 x6 1100t overclocked @ 4.0ghz Water cooled.

XFX Radeon 6870 1gb Black edition @ 990Mhz gpu clock / 1160Mhz memory clock

8gb Corsair dominator ddr3 ram 1333mhz

750watt Corsiar psu

Mother board GA-890GPS-UD3H

1st. HDD st2000DL003-9vt166 2tb Steam game drive
2nd. OLD DRIVE Ive had for years, wdc wd2500aajs-00vta0 sata 2.0 7200rpm OS drive.

NZXT phantom case.

So if this the most I can expect from this cpu and gpu? I ve tried clocking higher. The cpu just wont stay stable any higher. It fails prime 95 even if I up the voltage and ghz. I ve tried for hours to get it stable but it wont stay stable. The cpu stays cool under 100% load @ about 57C at 4.0 ghz. So Is there a bottle neck? Is this just the limit of this build? Or could something else be wrong? I can provide more system information if needed :l I just wanna record a smooth video for once. Also My resolution is 1920x1080p.
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  1. Run a read and write hard drive test and see if the read and write speeds are not really low, i have this old 200gb samsung 7200rpm hdd at 20mbs read and its terrible lol
  2. On my WDC WD2500 the older drive I am seeing 33c Minimum 39.4 mb/s and Maximum 98.1mb/s and Average 76.6mb/s. Burst rate is 141.2mb. My second drive ST2000 2tb 28c minimun 119.0mb/s, maxium 144.6mb/s, Average 124.mb/s, Burst rate 236.5mbs. These all sound about right to me. :l

    BUT I am using HD TUNE and the older drive, under health, it says it failed "Raw read error rate" Health status Failed. :l? I am still not even sure a Hard drive is the problem here. I just need some ideas on what to check.
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    well then a bad drive may be causing ur issues, ur recording is to the 2tb drive and not the OS drive and all ur games r on there? and just ur OS is on the wd2500? If so then copy everything u need off the OS drive and id go for an SSD lol

    Run other programs like Seatools and defraggler i think has a health tool

    Other tests run Memtest86 bad ram can cause all sorts of issues. Does the fps lower without fraps recording? try msi afterburner recording, run defraggler to defragment and ccleaner and spybot search and destroy lol just general tests at this point lol

    Edit: when ur recording does ur cpu temp get near the 57c max? as the high temps may be causing ur lag as 60c is max for the phenom IIs
  4. Well I am running world of warcraft off of my older drive that failed the health test. Fraps is on the same drive. But its set to put recorded videos onto my 2tb drive.

    50-60 on wow but they drop to 20-30 with fraps on. I ll run memtest next, and try msi after burner. I keep the system pretty clean at all times.
  5. fraps is known to take quite abit of power to record but with settings lowered like u have it shouldnt be that bad
  6. lazyboy947 said:
    fraps is known to take quite abit of power to record but with settings lowered like u have it shouldnt be that bad


    My dual E7500 @3.6Ghz takes massive hit when recording with FRAPS although i belive quad or processor with more cores should be able to handle FRAPS recording withoit taking too much performance hit. With my 2500k can easily do the recording without dropping the FPS below 60 (depends on the game). Not sure if newer processor have something that makes FRAPS running much better when recording.
  7. I tried MSI afterburner, my fps is not as low it stays about 25-35. But still has moments where it spikes down to 15-20 and becomes choppy. I am still not sure what my problem is. I have cool & quite disabled. I have turbo core disabled. So all cores stay at 4.0ghz at all times. I also must say msi after burner is my pick over fraps. I like that I can get video files alot smaller. While still keeping it good quailty. I also like that if I want I can easily add commentary aswell. Also and the biggest reason why I like it more. Is simply because I dont get such a choppy video. Its still not what I wish it was. But its better then fraps was and thats a + so far.
  8. Since you have an AMD card, give RadeonPro a shot.

    The recording feature on RadeonPro is nowhere near as intensive and HDD-space eating as fraps with no difference in quality.
  9. Thanks for the heads up MajinCry, I ll try it next!
  10. I cannot get RadeonPro to even record world of warcraft. It crashes the game as soon as I hit my capture key. Error 138 in which I couldnt find anything regarding error 132 and radeon pro. I might just stick with MSI after burner and bite the fps issue bullet.
  11. Go on the RadeonPro forums and ask about it.

    You're probably using an old driver, or haven't updated your DirectX files.
  12. I have the newest ATI drviers my dx is updated. And RadeonPro is the newest verson. v.v I am not sure who had the best awnser here. All of you where VERY VERY helpful.
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