Need help setting up new HDD

I bought myself a WD 1tb caviar black drive to accompany my samsung 840 250gb ssd as astorage drive. I plugged it in, all coords are good and I'm pretty sure I heat it spinning. It isn't detected in bios or as a disk drive in windows... I only see it in device manager disk drive section. Please help! I'd like to be able to install more than 12 games lol
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  1. Just open your case screw it in to the drive "shelf" thingy plug it into a SATA port and plug the power thingy in then fire that ****er up. If it dosent work try getting the latest update from your mobo's home website.
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    If you can see it in device manager, then the bios knows about it.
    You need to prepare it for use in windows.
    Go to control panel/administrative tools/computer management/storage/ disk management
    You will see information about your devices.
    Select your new drive and make it a primary partition

    And... are your games unusually large?
    I might have expected that you could install many more.
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