first Gaming setup?

hi im building a system with these specs, will they be good enough to run games like BF3, Planetside, Dayz and crysis on high settings with good fps? i use 1360x768 res btw

Mobo: Gigabyte8LMT-SP2
CPU: FX 4100 3.6 ghz
gpu: XFX HD 7770

My mobo only accepts cpu with upto 95w TDP thats why i cant get a 965 ect

open to reccomendations
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  1. What's your maximum budget?
  2. CPU:

    Those are what i have, i would definantly suggest the GPU, and the CPU if you can afford it. and then the MOBO is also very good.
  3. I have everything but the CPU and only looking to spend £50 British pound on it , which is what I can get the fx 4100 for
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    Because 1. Its outated
    2. Its a 125 tdp prcessor

    Get a fx 6300 vishera 95tdp with latest piledriver cores for 20$ more

    This would make a good buy
  5. But will the system I specified above play the games I metioned well?
  6. Yes it would support the games at the given resolution
    No problem would be there in playing

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