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I am considering either the 6300, 8320, or if Arma does not run well on AMD, then the i5 4670k. Does anyone have any experience with what CPU the Arma games in general tend to be be optimized for?
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  1. I believe the official requirement/recommended hardware for the game not out yet. Maybe people who played the alpha/beta version of the game can chime in to tell their experience
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    arma 3 seems to run very nicely on intel for me, however a brief google search shows that some people have fps problems no matter which cpu they are using, a friend of mine has the fx-8350 and seems happy running dayz on it so.... either cpu will serve you well
  3. As an Arma 3 player. I would HIGHLY recommend the i5 4670k at this point. Arma 3 is horribly optimized and hardly uses 4 cores even with start up commands. Since Intel has much faster single core performance the i5 will be significantly faster than the 6300 or 8320.
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