Graphics Card Okay for Video Editing ONLY build?

Hello All,

I need your help. I am totally new at building. I have spent many hours putting together this list of components after posting and re-posting for help on the forums. I am staying under $2,000. I will exclusively be using this computer for video editing with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. I am trying to start a small business doing wedding videography, etc. I have been told that RAID is not a good idea on my first build so I plan to set up my storage like Dave Dougdale here:

My build:

Please give me your feedback. I am hoping that I am close to being able to order the parts and move forward!

Thank you so much!

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    Don't make multiple threads, you just started on your build and got replies, so don't make a new one.
  2. My apologies. I thought I was supposed to post under each category to get experts from each area (GPU, whole System, etc). Thanks for the pointer!
  3. Are you going to overclock the CPU? If not you may cut on cooling and MB.

    Those heat spreaders aren't doing much on RAM so I would choose cheaper DDR3-1600 RAM. And tight timing don't matter much on Intel Core architecture.

    I had a look at the video you referenced and I would say ditch one HDD and one SSD. Use free ram as scratch by the means of RAMdisk. Buy one 2 or 3TB HDD and use you SSD as an export drive if you are going to use export drive as a destination for compessed final material. Even use your SSD as a project drive for saving current projects files except big media files (they are on big HDD)

    Have a look at GNX760 same price, less CUDA cores, but wider bus and 4GB of RAM (well it's not final recommendation but worth looking into).

    Have a look at aluminium Lian-Li case. Those are usually cleaner and aluminium is better at spreading excessive heat out.

    PSU is superb but you only need 750W PSU if you are going to add two more of these GPUs later. In case of this build you'll be fine with less powerful PSU and smaller electricity bill. 500W will do fine.

    I hope my opinion will help you with your build.
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