Need second opinions before pulling the trigger on first build! THANKS!

Hey guys! Again, thanks for all the help you guys have given my for me first build! It could not be possible with out you!

Can I just get a couple of second opinions about this build before pulling the trigger.

Like do you recommend that I grab a better cpu cooler? Is the power supply ok? Also, the modo comes with the ram I will be using.

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  1. Why the Xeon processor?
  2. Eximo said:
    Why the Xeon processor?

    Someone recommended it to me on this forum. Would you recommend against it?
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    The same (or close) price gets an unlocked 3570k that's faster than the xeon... I don't get it.
  4. If you aren't overclocking it is a good bargain. You get a quad core with hyperthreading for less then an i7-3770 would cost you. But if you are planning to do so it won't go any faster then it is rated for. Though running it at its rated turbo speed all the time is still pretty darn fast.
  5. If you have a specific need for HT i can see it but for gaming I'll take horsepower over cores.
  6. Thanks for the replies! I'm not planing to OC, so is the i5 3570k still a good idea?

  7. I'm thinking so. Even tho you don't plan to OC, your system will be perfect for it with addition of a $30 cpu cooler. Exactly one change in the bios will get you to 4.2ghz (maybe higher) with no ill effects if over time it starts feel a little slow. That's about 20% more performance for 15% of the price of the cpu. Just food for thought.

    Edit: tip on that mobo - will need to turn down the cpu target fan speed in the bios since the default is full speed and it will be loud.
  8. So I would need a cpu cooler if I go for this build?

    I hear these are good:

    Anyone have recommendations for a cpu cooler?

    Edit: OC looks nice now. :) I'm guessing I'll need a cpu cooler then. :) Do I need to get the unlocked cpu to OC? If so were do I find that?
  9. Bump. Really exited to get going on this!!! :)

  10. Bumping is against forum rules.

    I like my Evo but have heard the Xigmatek Gaia is as good and costs less.

    The -k model cpu (i.e. 3570k) is the unlocked version.
  11. Sorry for bumping. I saw other people doing so I though it was ok. Should have read the rules!

    Thanks for the info on the cpu and fan.
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