ssd/hdd recognition problems with windows 7

hey guys, im fairly new to this whole computer building/actually half-way decent tech thing. i recently started a build which includes both an SSD and an HDD and i want to use the SSD as a boot drive with minimalistic files on it and have things like my games and movies etc stored on my HDD.

So here's my problem:
i installed windows 7 onto the SSD but my computer wouldnt recognize the HDD in any location other than the BIOS. can someone offer a bit of advice as to how to get both my drives accessible inside windows?
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    Start, right-click Computer, manage, disk management, right-click the unallocated drive, format, give it a drive letter.
  2. the drive isnt listed in the disk management category, but if i go to the device manager its listed there under disk drives.
  3. nevermind, you are correct thanks for your help!
  4. Cool :) glad it nothing serious.
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