New SSD wont boot unless win7 cd or through bios.

I don't know whats going on. I just installed a samsung 840 120g SSD. At first I cloned the ssd from my hhd. Then tried to boot. It wouldn't. Just goes to bios. In bios it doesnt give me any boot options unless I goto advanced mode/boot. There it shows my ssd and hhd and I can manually select which ever I want and it will boot. Both ssd or hhd will boot this way. So I thought maybe something with the boot files.

So I put my win7 cd in and repaired my boot files. Strange thing is happening now.
It will boot the ssd but only as long as I have the win7 cd in. If I eject the cd I can only boot by doing the advanced bios method choosing the boot override to either ssd or hhd.

So I did a clean install on the ssd. Even with a fresh windows7 I get thet same results as above. Either manual through bios, or have to have win7 cd in..

Everything is aligned. Both ssd and hhd were installed with ahci in bios so no conflict there..

Any ideas?

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  1. If possible, i'd wipe the hdd, disconnect it, then reinstall windows on the ssd. Ssd should probably be on the first sata iii port (check manual). Once operational, add the hdd back in.
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    Yea, forgot to add that I also tried booting with the HDD disconnected and could still only boot through BIOS or by having the win7 disk in. But i just was able to fix the problem. Still don't understand what happen.

    For some reason it was my Overclock. On my HDD everything ran fine, voltage and multiplier, with the adaptive mode. at idle mutli and voltage would drop, at load increase. As per my settings.

    On the SSD both my multi and voltage became static, even though my BIOS settings were still set for adaptive. So I removed the overclock re selected the SSD in bios, and bam, it worked.. Went back in replaced OC settings and running good.

    That really don't make any sense but oh well its working.
  3. Grats!
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