Asrock Fm2a85x itx + Cooler Master Hyper 412 slim

Hi guys,
As you know, this motherboard isn't compatible with any of the aftermarket coolers out there because there's a little annoying chip on the back of the socket. So no backplate fits. What if i cut a little square shaped hole on the backplate so that it will fit around the tiny chip?
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  1. are you trying to achieve a high overclock? any reason you can't use a cooler that doesn't require a backplate?
  2. well, do you know of any good ones? i know that the noctua nh-l9a has 4 screws instead of a backplate.. but it's a low profile cooler, and yeah.. it comes with the limitations every low profile heatsink has.

    plus, among the few mini itx fm2 boards out there, the asrock is the only one that allows you to adjust the multiplier, FSB, vcore... i dont know about the gigabyte one, but the socket is too close to the pci e and a big cooler won't fit in if a descrete card is used

    my question still remains though.. would it cause any problems if i cut a hole in the backplate?
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    I don't think you have an issue, just don't make it any bigger than you need. Alternatively you can look into the Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 it just uses the factory AMD brackets. The Cooler Master TX3 also uses the factory brackets. It's a little smaller but you can add a 2nd fan.
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