trouble networking w wired printer using an ipad mini w built in 4G Hotspot

Hello all I have an iPad mini that has a built in 4g LTE hotspot internet connection in it.

I have a receipt printer hardwired and plugged into my Asus rt-n12 router in ethernet lan port 1. The Asus router is configured as a "repeater".

When I try to print something to my receipt printer it says printer offline.

Router/repeaters ip address is IPad/hotspots ip address is 70.211.x.x. Both hotspot and repeater are on subnet.  Googling this issue finds me with no luck.

I want to know if networking is possible with this set up or if I need additional equipment, such as a wireless bridge.

Thanks guys.
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  1. Bump.. anyone
  2. Anyone with experience networking with hotspot connections?
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