Bios OC'ed my CPU? Dangerous?

So normally My CPU (i5 4670k) runs at the turbo 3.8ghz when I test in in Aida64. But In my Bios, I decided to choose the Asus Optimal setting instead of the Asus normal which I had been on. This seems to have OCed my CPU from 3.8 to 4 ghz. Is this a good thing? is this safe? I ran aida64 again out of curiosity and my temperatures were higher, by about 7 degrees. CPU got up to 87 at one point.averaged at 73. Is this good? bad? are optimal settings okay or should I go back down to normal. Any help is much appreciated.

Edit: It turns out that now my CPU is being OC'ed to 4.2 ghz according to the aida64 cupid, but only when idle, if I run a cpu stress test, its back down to 4? Can some knowledgeable goddess of computers explain the reasoning behind why this is happening =P
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    OC'ing is fine as long as you have sufficient cooling. Make sure you turn "turbo" off and if you want to keep the OC then it may be a good idea to get a better cooler.

    However, stress test the CPU with something like Prime95 and let it run for a good few hours and see what it returns. If your computer crashes or reboots then you need to down clock.

    There's many tutorials on OC'ing - it's pretty simple to do :)
  2. Your mobo sees the that the tempature of the cpu is lower then needed so it OC's it to maximize your experience, I would say if you run Prime 95 with someting like coretemp and it dosn't exceed 70/80 degrees on max load your fine, but let Prime 95 go for around 3-5 hours. If it crashes or shutsdown, make sure you don't allow it to OC
  3. Why Do I have to turn turbo off? I want to make my PC as fast as possible so as long as the Bios Optimal setting isn't dangerous, Id like to keep the overclocked settings it gave me? is this ok?
  4. do you have a stock cooler or a good aftermarket cooler? if answer is anything less than a Hyper 212 (which on Haswell is about baseline for getting decent cooling for moderate clock) then you probably want to avoid overclocking until you get something that can handle the temp load
  5. I have a hyper 212. but for some reason my temps have gotten high lately. idling at like 43 randomly instead of 35 and no idea why...
  6. have you looked at your task manager to see if you have a background program running? scanned for viruses or malware? when you see random idle spikes, it indicates a background usage of cpu. worth checking out
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