RAM/CPU/MOBO or just GTX 760 ?

trying to game crysis 3 max 1080p single monitor and metro last light with no SSAO but physx on.Also BF4 , BF3, witcher 2, upcoming releases

What would get me the best benefits now? i only have about $370 max i wanna spend. Ill spend whatever I dont get now in a few weeks to completely upgrade.

my current rig is:

Phenom 965 stock 3.4ghz
4gb ddr2 corsair
Gigabyte mobo
150gb hdd
Gtx 560ti
650watt antec earthwatts psu
Corsair h60 cooler

This is my question basically for all you guys, do these upgrades listed below seem like ill get the most bang for my buck , or should I just get a GTX 760, and upgrade cpu/mobo/ram/hdd/ssd later?

MOBO - ASrock z77 Extreme4 1155

CPU - I5-3570K Ivy Bridge

RAM - Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR3 SDRAM 1600 (PC3 12800) Low profile 9-9-9-24

****All this comes to 354 on Newegg with the free RAM deal w/ z77 mobo****

Solid choices? I think so. lemme know what you guys think or if i should just get for $260 an EVGA GTX 760 SC and OC it more
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    I think you would be fine with the GTX 760/770 for now but at some point you will want to upgrade the rest of your system as it is aging. Also note that the free ram offer is only for one stick of ram for best performance you would need two sticks for dual channel ram and you can get good quallity ram in a 2x 4gig kit for less than $72.

    Getting a upgrade to the GPU now might be the best option and the save your money and do a system upgrade later. You can carry the new GPU over as well as the PSU hard drive and such at a latter date.

    Even though it may not be utilized the best it could it should still be a good upgrade from the GTX 560ti you have now. The problem with upgrading the rest of the system now and keeping the 560 would be that it would hold you back and I am not sure you would really get much of a benefit from it until you upgraded the GPU.
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