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automatic pan tilt zoom controlling of a ip camera

July 18, 2013 2:14:24 AM

I am doing a project in my college and thus I want to use the videoconferencing camera.These cameras are installed in my classroom - tandberg high precision hd camera sony EVI-D70 camera

Both are ptz cameras.

I am doing a face recognition project so I want to take video from this camera.For better face recognition I want that all the faces of students should be clear.It could only be possible if my camera focus on each students for some time.Thus I want to perform following tasks with the camera-

1-Consider my whole class as a chess board.First i want that my camera should focus on 1st column.Initially it should focus on 1st seat of 1st row.After few seconds ,it should focus on 1st seat of 2nd row and then 1st seat of 3rd row and so on.When it will reach to end to 1st column ,then it should start from 2nd seat of 1 row and then 2nd seat of 2 row and so on i,e will scan 2 column and continue this whole process to scan whole class.

2-It should be able to zoom in last rows for better face images.

All this work has to be done manually by a remote controlbut i want to do this whole work automatically

I know it requires lot of coding.I am ready to do this. please Tell me how to do this..Some suggested me to do this whole work in visual studio but I don't know how to do it.Can you all please help me?