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Setting up a secondary router to allow connection to only one host on different subnet

July 18, 2013 2:20:16 AM

Hi there folks,

Basicly where i need help with is this:
I have a secondary router with wireless. I want to set that router up on a different subnet with mac filter and not communicate with the main router, not giving access on all pc's and the internet, but do on only one ip on that main subnet.

I've tried allot but as something should work i'm not getting results.

Main router: with dns to the outside world
NAS to access from another subnet is configured with the main router:
The secondary router is BUT should not have access / setup to use the (gateway, dhcp, dns), because if it does, the client get's an ip from the Main router because that's a gigabit network and the dhcp response time is faster the secondary router, which results in enabeling internet access, which I don't want.

If access by my neighbour is established, i want to let hem execute a bat file, that's converted to .exe with a route add in it (must keep it open) opens up the explorer location with username and password and upon close deletes that route add.

The subnet of the secondary routers LAN IP is by the way.
The main router is

I know it's not waterproof, but this is what I need. If there are any remarks for how to do this different, comments are welcome.

Note that all configurations i've tried (8 hours puzzling) did not result in success.
The greatest problem is most likely that the route add does not work, when dhcp / router does not have information about the other network (read gateway/ip/dns main router).

e.g. this did not work at all ROUTE ADD MASK nor

Please be of help if you have the time

Kind regards