ducky shine II or corsair k70?

im choosing between these two keyboards the price is not an issue as they are on par just want to have the most sturdiest, or the best keyboard between the two, any review or feedbacks or personal opinions would be highly much apreciated thanks..
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  1. I use a Ducky DK9008 Shine II with Brown keyswitches, its a very good keyboard.
    Sturdiness is definitely a quality it has, it weighs a fair bit and doesn't flex at all, you could kill a man with it and then keep typing.
  2. hahahah that's a good one i'll keep that in mind :) Im trying to find reviews but there are so few? why the corsair k70 has good reviews but it is really hard to find one.. so would you recommend ducky shine II over k70?
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    Ducky is a Taiwanese company, and there are relatively few of their suppliers in North America compared to closer to home, I would assume that's why they have fewer reviews as most tech sites are US based.
    Far as I know they largely get around by word of mouth, that's how I heard of them.

    I recommend the Ducky Shine II, whether its better than a K70 is largely going to come down to your personal preference. I would go with the Ducky as it comes in a range of keyswitch and backlightying options, while the K70 (to my knowledge) is stuck with red on both accounts.
  4. im from the philippines and theres abundance of ducky shine keyboards laying around the computer stores and very few corsair k70 very hard to find, im going with ducky shine II, so thanks man really appreciate the help..
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