AMD Radeon HD 8750M and Intel 4000 not working

My friend installed a driver update here in my laptop and after that I got a problem with the brightness of my screen, it's all really dim. I uninstalled the driver update then my built in graphics card (Intel Graphics HD 4000) can't be detected anymore and my AMD Radeon HD 8750M isn't working too. My screen is still dim. What should I do?
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    most laptops have a function key to increase brightness fn +f5

    also check power settings, there is a setting in there for brightness.

    if it is a older laptop the backlight may be dying.
  2. My laptop is a Samsung Series 5 NP510R5E. And of course I know how to adjust the brightness of my laptop, but it isn't working that's why I'm asking for most possible thing to do.
  3. Same problem here, did you find a solution?
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