Can't attach files in Outlook 2007

Good Morning,
Since a few days ago I can't attach files in my Outlook 2007.

Only can attach files if they are at my Desktop.

In all other cases7folders (inclusive My Documents and it's subfolders), when I try to attach a file it opens a pop-up window saying:

"It wasn't possible to locate the file (filename.extension)"

Note that the message above is a translation, since I use the Portuguese version, so the sense is that but, in Outlook english version, some word may not correspond exactly.
Can someone give some tip on how to solve this problem?

Thank you very much for your help.

Luis J.
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  1. Can you open up all those files normally outside of Outlook?

    There could be an issue with your temp folders if they only don't work in Outlook, try running this utility

    Also it won't hurt to clean up the Windows temp files, you can do that from the disk cleanup wizard in Windows. Just don't go selecting everything in there, only the temp files is good.
  2. Thanks hang-the-9 for you quick answer.
    Yes I can open them normally.
    I used Outlook Tools software to do what you say.
    I even changed the temp folder to another place, telling this to registry.
    It work on all 2 computers I tested/simulated the problem, but not in the one that have the real problem (my boss).
    It is in a network, but and I don't know if it have to do with that, since Outlook, the PC and all the rest seems to work like a stand alone one.
    The weirdest thing is that it attach files from Desktop (for that user / administrator / my boss) but not from any other folder.
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    Did you try a reboot of the system? Is this a network user account? Try creating a new user account on the computer, setup Outlook for the person on that account and see if that works with the new folders that get created. Just dump some random file in My Documents and see if it will attach. If that works, use a local administrator account to copy the old My Doucuments files to the new account and have him use that. You can copy Favorites and Desktop as well so he has all the stuff on the new account.
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