MOM.exe Framework bug/error

Just installed my new beast of a PC & put Windows 7 on. Here are relevant components to my question:
-3570k processor
-7870 windforce graphics
-Samsung 830
-extreme 4 motherboard

On Windows startup I get a error saying MOM.exe could not be started and its because of a .NET framework version 4 error.

//Attempts made to fix it (all unsuccessful)
1.So I've uninstalled the .NET framework and re-installed it from the Microsoft website twice. Still didn't fix the issue. the graphics card driver (I believe it was the 12.9 version from the AMD website I used)

3.Used cc cleaner to remove any bad registry files

4.formatted my drive about 4 times - still no success

I just don't know what to do anymore. Is it even possible to fix?

I asked this question about 8 months ago, and still can't find a resolution. I can't tell you just how happy i would be if someone could fix it.

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  1. MOM.exe is part of the catalyst control center for AMD/ATI video cards. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your video drivers?
  2. I will try it tonight. The problem is though, the fact that framework version 4 doesn't work at all. I've got a bunch of applications that require the framework to be installed - and cannot run because the framework isn't working. So I feel like re-installing graphics drivers wont work. But I'm gonna do it anyway cos I'm thin on the list of things left to try.

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    If I remember correctly, there were some updates to .Net (all versions) in this month's microsoft updates. Do you have automatic updates turned on? If not, you may want to check for them. This may fix your .Net installation, but you won't know if you don't try.
  4. After going through all of these suggestions on here and other websites, I found a very simple solution. Googled "Download .NET Framework version 4.0", which took me to the Microsoft website...hit download and run, then installed, rebooted, and problem solved. Couldn't have been simpler!
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