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What's the best wireless gaming mouse I can buy for in max 90£?

I have a wired gaming mouse, but hate the wire because I can feel it sometimes making pressure pulling the mouse a bit.

The only good wireless mouses I know are G700s, Mamba and Ouroboros.

What do you suggest?
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  1. Is this for FPS, MMO or what?

    Anyways i'll go for the G700's, they're a great mouse with amazing build quality.

    If this helped, please choose this as best solution!
  2. It's for general gaming, mostly RTS, FPS and RPG.
    And for 3DS Max modeling as well.
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    Yes, then definately a G700 will suit you, as you have macros and you'll get a upper advantage for RPG's.
  4. Best is subjective with mouses. but take a look at the Logitech, Roccat and Razer range. I personally have a Razer and I love it, have used several Logitechs in the past, never owned a Roccat but they regularly get good reviews.
  5. Razer gaming mouse should be best choice, as far as i know the mice manufactured at one good quality factory in China
  6. Why Wasting your time by doing this , just search for logitech , microsoft , hp , razer and more and non of them are making wire mouse any more , so if your going to buy a wireless mouse you can check this new website talking about them
  7. Hi ,

    There Are too many options for this topic and this price , in fact you can have the best gaming mouse ever for this price , I have made a list on my website of the best wireless gaming mice , click here , best gaming mice .

    But before thinking of buying anything else , I advice you to buy The Razer deathadder or the razer black mamba , they are the best , and there are some other logitech mice that can be suitable for gaming , you can find these info in my website , check it out .

    Thanks for reading .
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