HP WIreless TouchPad Keyboard not working on Windows 7

Hi guys I can't get my HP TouchPad Wireless keyboard to work on Windows 7, I think it detects it. I have 2 dongles in the PC for bluetooth, one for the mouse which came with the wireless mouse and the other with one from amazon for about £4, when I insert that it flashes blue every few seconds so it works and windows detects the keyboard and the dongle but can't get it to work, I go to view all devices and printers and I clik on the bluetooth one and press add a device and it will not detect it from there. Please help thanks. I tested it on iPad and works fine
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  1. Do you have fresh batteries in the keyboard, do you have drivers for it loaded
  2. Hi, it did notinstall any drivers or came with any, the battries work because it works on my ipad
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    How about the Bluetooth drivers (think it uses Bluetooth)
  4. Tradesman1 said:
    How about the Bluetooth drivers (think it uses Bluetooth)

    I'm not sure I use a little amazon dongle but I also have one inserted which came with my wireless mouse what drivers do I need to download thanks
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