What framerate will this run Skyrim at on ultra?

I've asked a similar question recently but forgot to ask what framerate I would get on Skyrim. What framerate would I get on ultra? Also would I be able to add a DLC and still be smooth? How about graphics mods, how well would I run those?
Here are the specs.

GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-D3H Intel 7 Series

Intel Core i5-3570K

Corsair Vengeance 8GB (DDR3 1600Mhz)

Video Card
EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti (2GB)

Hard Drive
Western Digital Blue 1TB (7200 RPM, 64MB Cache)

Optical Drive
LG 24X DVD Burner

Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower

Power Supply
Corsair CX Series 600 Watt

Thank you!
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  1. Are you using any add-ons?
  2. I am probably using going to use Dawnguard but if I can't run it smoothly then I won't.
  3. What framerate will Dawnguard run on ultra? Also what framerate will I get on just regular Skyrim on ultra?
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    As for saying what framerate you can expect, that's nearly impossible to say. There are just too many variables to be able to say "you'll get 80 fps with that build". What I can say is, you'll probably not have any issues running any DLC or graphic mods. My FX8350 & HD7970 runs the game with a 3rd party HD texture mod and an ENB without issues. Since Skyrim is largely processor bound, and much prefers Intel chips over AMD, you probably won't have any problems with that setup.
  5. DLC doesn't effect framerates, texture packs do. It should handle at least the official HD texture pack at 60 ish fps

    Each texture pack requires different hardware amounts so you just gotta experiment
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