can't overclock but can tweak mu HP P-1414 with AMD HD 7750 GPU installed

were do I get info on tweaking this computer for better performance? everything is stock but the GPU it is a AMD A-8 5500 piledriver/trinity 6 GB 65 watt 3.2 GHZ up to 3.7 turbo DDR3 1600 MHZ socket FM2 1 TD HDD Jasmine MOBO
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  1. You can't really do much, since it is an OEM computer. You can try and overclock the GPU if you want.
  2. In all reality, suggesting oc on your gpu is pointless. It would bottleneck at the processor and even if fsb was capable. Oc your gpu would simply generate more with with nil gain
  3. can I do any tweaking at all that would help? my computer is really ok with what I do with it ,have no problems with the games I play. just want the max out of it if possible. of course I may be at the max?
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    You are.
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