2gb to 4gb of ram upgrade,wil i actually feel it?

Will i feel any performance boost,aside from benchmarks,if i upgrade from 2gb to 4gb of ram....did any of you guys had experience in this type of upgrade?
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  1. Are you running a 64 bit bit OS? If yes then yes probably. If not then just a little. Give us your specs.
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    Depends on a few things. If you are running a 32bit OS your computer will not be able to utilize all 4GB, more like 2.75-3.25 GBs depending on your video card's memory size.

    That said, 2 to 4GB of ram is a significant improvement. Just at idle, most computers consume 500MB to 1GB of memory. Launch a few applications and you are already getting close to 2GB. This forces the computer to use the hard drive for additional storage. With 4GB of ram you more then double the effective available memory and will use the hard drive less.
  3. Yes, my computer had some bad ram for a while and I was down to 2GB. When I got back to 4GB it was faster. Mostly some long several second long delays disappeared.
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