Sennheiser pc 350 vs Logitech G35

Hi everyone.
I would like to know which headset is better for my needs.
I'm using my PC mainly for gameing, but I do watch a lot of movies on it too , and i do listen to some music from time to time.
I saw many positive reviews on both the g35 and the pc 350 , but some of the reviews on pc 350 got me thinking if I should go on the Logitech.
From my understanding, the g35 doesn't require a good sound-card, while for the pc 350, my on-board sound-card wont suffice.
My motherboard is gigabyte z68x-ud4-b3.
Do you think that the Sennheiser can run well with my motherboard ?
And which one do you think is better for my needs ? (from what i described)

Thank you!
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  1. Well, here's a little info.
    I am using a pair of these, and when I game I plug in a cheap desk mike. These have exceptionally good sound whether doing music, movies, or fragging your buddies.

    One of the guys I game with just got the G35 Logitech and he really likes them. MaximumPC magazine did a headset roundup in the JUly'13 issue and they gave them 8/10. (No headset did better then 9 and none got their "KickAss" rating)

    My quick read up on the Sennheiser 350's lead me to believe they are dialed in for 'voice' clarity, might not be great for gaming.

    I'd go with the Logitech, or look into a pair of audiophile headphones like the Senn. HD280Pro's and a cheap microphone.
  2. You actually got me thinking , maybe i should drop the "gaming headset" search and instead get a good pair of headphones and a decent sound-card. What do you say about the hd 202 + Asus Xonar Dx vs Logitech G35 ? I live in Israel so they cost about the same price here...
  3. You don't need a sound card with headphones. so that'll save you some cash. You won't be able to tell the difference even if you do upgrade to a new sound card while using headphones. Check out the AD700 or the AD700X. They're some of the best positional headphones you can buy. Just buy a cheap mic and you're good to go.
  4. I was thinking about getting a cheap sound-card mainly for the Dolby Theater features, which are non-existent on a regular headphone.
  5. You mean like virtual 7.1? Meh from what I've read and experienced it isn't worth it. If you have speakers that you want to hook up then by all means get one.
  6. Yes, the virtual 7.1. i heard that's not very good for music, but can be really good for games.
  7. Honestly you don't need it with headphones. You can try it without the sound card first and then try it with later on if you feel like it could do better. AD700/X versions are amazing for FPS games. Bass isn't the best but you won't be able to beat the audio positioning.
  8. But I thought that audio positioning is only generated with the Dolby effects... I hate this ,my graphic card's search was so much easier...
    now I wandering whether to get the g35 or the ad700 + soundcard(for Dolby effects)....
    I don't usually play in multiplayer mode, so the mic isn't that important to me.
    I just want to find some good headphones that will make my battlefield 3 sound amazing.
  9. Well I play BF3 and I'm quite competitive with it. 1300+ SPM etc and I have the AD700 and love them. Like I said though they don't have the best bass but they are very clear and precise with the sound. I don't have an extra sound card just my onboard one and I couldn't be more impressed. I've used sennheisers, steel series, etc and these are by far the best without a sound card.

    You can read reviews about the g35 and AD700 on audiophiles they have a gaming headphones comparison and rate the AD700 as the best sub 300$
  10. fnatic, thank you for helping me make up my mind. I just bought the AD700, and they sound great.
    I only have two problems with them :
    1. how do i adjust them? it's quite big and i want to tighten it a bit.
    2. it makes my ears sweat . maybe its because i've never used headphones before...

    Do i need to burn in the headphones to make them sound better ? if so, how do i do that ?
  11. Best answer
    Heck, I might have to look at the AD700's.

    No burn in required on headphones.

    Just to set your mind at ease, I have used my 280's with and without a sound card. Soundcard was an XFi SoundBlaster Extreme Music. Currently using my Sabertooths onboard sound. I was never able to tell a difference in sound quality.

    I don't have any solution for the sweating, sorry.
    fnatic, thanks for the info on the A D's.
  12. I haven't messed with any adjustments yet with the headphones nor read up on it as they fit my head perfectly (I have a big head). As for the sweating I'm not sure of an answer either. My gaming room is pretty cold so I never really have that problem. I'm guessing since you're new to headphones that could be the cause of the issue.

    No problem at all fellas.
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