Intel i3 2100, need a better GPU

Dear Experts,

i3 2100
SILVERSTONE SST-ST40F-ES 400W ATX 12V 2.3 80 plus
4GB 1333MHz
Asus HD6670
resolution 1920x1080

Currently running this rig to play BF3 and dota 2. I've checked the fps of the games and I'm getting around

For BF3:
25-30 fps during explosions, gunfights (sometimes jerky movements can be observed)
35-40 fps standing idle
(my settings : medium on bf3)

For Dota2:
30 fps during clash (sometimes jerky movements can be observed)
45-50 fps idling
(my settings : between medium-high on dota2)

What would be my choices if I need fps of above 60 on those 2 games?
Settings on bf3 would be medium and dota2 on high.
Could getting a GTX650/(AMD series, please recommend me) help achieve what i want?
Also if i were to upgrade my GPU, which PSU would you guys recommend?
Additional info: I may also use engineering related softwares in the future (CAD,C++)

Thanks in advance, highly appreciate your advices!
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  1. Might try a 660 and maybe a Seasonic PSU, maybe their OEM 550
  2. Tradesman1, thanks for the PSU suggestion!
    What about the GPU? Is the GTX650 sufficient? or a GTX660 would be better?
  3. Best answer
    GTX650 would be the bare minimum to play the most demanding games at the very lowest settings. GTX650 Ti is much faster, and GTX650 Ti Boost is far faster still (and a very good choice). GTX660 is slightly faster still, and an excellent recommendation.
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