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Recently I've decided to recycle an oldish server I once used about a year ago and I wish to turn it into a gaming desktop. And for that to be possible, I need a decent video card, as the server has none.

I have an oldish video card, an ATI Radeon HD 4650, for AGP ports, which are no longer used that much, I believe.
The point is, I don't think I can install it in the server, as I have no AGP ports.

What I'm asking here are 4 things:

1. Is the video card going to cut it, which I don't think can happen.
2. Do video card compatibility only concern ports or specific motherboard types as well?
3. What decent (up to $150 USD) video cards can I use, for the ports in the motherboard?

Also, if anyone could find a video card, that would be amazing, as I also need to purchase one.

The server: (I believe this is the one, if not, it has the same CPU and memory, I got a 500Gb HD though) http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/fujitsu-primergy-tx100-s1-xeon-x3220-560000

Side view and slot information: (page 3) http://www.fujitsu.com/downloads/AU/Primergy/tx100_s1_config.pdf

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's Hardware forum.

    What PSU do you have? Because that is one of the most important components for your upgrade.
  2. Right, totally forgot about power supply, apologies.

    It's a Fujitsu DPS 300AB-44B, rocking 300W. That might not be enough, am I right? :(

    EDIT: I just checked the power consumption for a GTX 770 and it's 246W in a torture test, ran by Tom's Hardware actually. I know my official budget is 150$ but I'm considering just getting a GTX 770, as I was planning on building a gaming rig, but with this option, I might just get what I have on this server and go from there, provided the GPU fits in the case.

    I can always change my PSU, right?
  3. Well I don't know how good is Fujitsu in PSUs (maybe not good) but if you can find the detailed specs of that PSU would be great to know if can works or not with that GPU.

    For now, I would say that you need change the PSU before add the GPU, just to be sure that can works without problems.
  4. Apologies for the extremely late response but I've been away from the computer for the past week.
    Is wattage not the only important spec? I can't reach the server right now so I can't give you an accurate response, and I couldn't find any specs online a while ago.
    What kind of PSU would be decent?
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