Svchost.exe using high memory usuage/cpu

~ Hello to the reader. I very much appreciate you taking your time in helping me .

My main problem as of right now is that svchost.exe is using way to much cpu and memory usuage, to the point where my laptop is sluggish. I checked in the Task manager and the others(Svchost.exe) are all 2k or 3k I even disable as many as unessary applications that run in the backround(I used CCleaner for that) I reformated my computer and my laptop is still unable to run the way I want it to run. So far, the only programs I've downloaded was Norton(built in installer) , malaware bytes and spybot and ccleaner . I researched about another program but I learned it was my updater so I made it "manual" and not automatic update.

Svchost.exe(Only 1 of it) is pushing itself to 40k-50k of memory usage and takes a lot of cpu . I don't know what to do . So please help me if you can .

I apologize if this is in the wrong section since I just came to this site after researching that others had the same related problem but not exactly the same, so I came here hopefully to put this problem to rest if possible.

~ Kervin Jacquet
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    That's usually 'Superfetch'

    Go to task manager > services tab > look for SysMain, end it and see if it free's up space.

    It's debatable if you should turn it off or not, because it basically preloads files it 'thinks' you're going to use. Read up on that wiki section of it to get a better idea of what it does.
  2. Also check the contents of the Windows Libraries (Documents, Pictures, etc). I have found that on many occasions folders are included that shouldn't be (such as the C: drive or the Windows folder). It can cause the symptoms you describe.

    Otherwise you have a service that's eating up CPU cycles and you'll have to go through them to find the culprit. Svchst is a generic process that runs all of the system services so it may not be easy to find the problem.
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