Displayport Eyefinity help!!! :(

I'm running a sapphire 7870 ghz oc 2gb gddr5 with 3 monitors. I have 2 monitors on dvi and the 3rd connected through a regular displayport cable since its a displayport monitor. They are all recognized by windows and catalyst but only the display port monitor is without an image coming through. I've tried connecting the monitors to eyefinity and it looks like it works but the displayport display is the only one still not showing an image. I've had this monitor by itself connected through dvi and the image has shown up, so the monitor works.

I've also have had problems connecting the monitors through hdmi to the card before, both regular hdmi cables and hdmi to dvi cables, so I don't know if it's my card that has issues.
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  1. I have the same f*cking problem, even with the active adapter, Catalyst won't recognise the monitor, even when Windows does but when I install Catalyst it kinda disappear. x(
    I mean, I can use the three monitors before installing AMD Drivers but not after.
    I hope you find usefull to know that this problem only happened to me with Catalyst newer than 13.4

    If you manage to download Catalyst 13.4 version you'll probably go well.
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