I need help choosing a gaming keyboard please help

i need a gaming keyboard that doesnt press keys if my hand is lightly on it but i dont want one that i have to smash the key to be able to move around.The game i usually play requires me to double tap the wasd keys frequently and fast.Also i play mmo games and really any game i find fun. please help i really have not used a gaming keyboard before and i dont know which one suits my needs
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  1. I think that your requirements are perfect for a mechanical keyboard, I currently use a Thermaltake Meka-G1 that's basic but very good for games. I used for games like BF3, SC2, Dota 2.

    Maybe you want take a look of it.
  2. ok thank you very much
  3. but what mx switch should i get???
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    I use a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard and it works like a dream. The keys aren't huge and bulky, they're somewhat flat and give a nice finish to the keyboard. I can also rest my hand on the keys and nothing presses down, and the force needed to push keys isn't too hard either. The keyboard is a really good price too, mine being £35, and it glows red and has programmable macros inbuilt. The keyboard is very highly rated at the price, you should check it out!
  5. ok thank you very much for the responses they have helped me alot
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