is 1.27 volts normal for an i5-350k at stock speeds?

Was running prime 95 to see my temps and my core voltage according to cpu z is 1.272 and in core temp my vid is 1.2960v. My temps max out at 65C. I've read that those are volts people use for overclocks upwards of 4.4ghz. Can i somehow lower my volts to reduce temps?
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  1. Hi,

    under 1.4 volts are great voltage.

    I overclock my core i5-2500k @ 4.2 with 1.27 voltage and runs stable and cool (between 35 idle - 65planetside 2 gaming).
    So long the voltage stay below 1.4 you are in a very safe zone.

    this means that, without touching voltage you could get 4.2 -4.4 and still have similar temps
  2. I would say it is not normal (my i5 2500K, which should need more voltage than yours, runs less than that at stock), but I wouldn't say it is a problem if you're not overclocking. I suggest you check your voltage (in the BIOS) is set to Auto.
  3. Yeah it's set on auto. I lowered it to 1.1 volts and it runs fine ive played bf3 for a few hours and ran prime 95 for 4 hours (not ideal but is it good enough). The only problem is that it doesn't lower the voltage when idling so i'm using 1.1 volts constantly.
  4. I'd say it is better having it running at 1.1 V all the time than running at 1.27 V at load. But one other possible option is using an offset voltage rather than setting it to 1.1 V. It would then use whatever voltages were specified by Auto but reduce them all by the set amount – as long as it is still high enough at idle.
  5. I can't find offset on my motherboard or if it's their it's called something else. I have a gigabyte ga z77x-d3h.
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    Set the voltage to "Normal" rather than a set voltage or "Auto" and it should give you an offset setting.
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