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Hello, first i would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. This is my first time custom building my own computer. I aim the build im making to cost around 1050 before peripherals.
I plan on becoming a software engineer so i will be doing a fair amount of programming on my build. I will also play/make some games(First person shooter like COD mainly) so having a good GPU was considered in my build. Also I will be planning on OC down the road when i upgrade to better cooling system (maybe liquid cooling). On another note to save money initially I will not be purchasing a m$ windows os, I will run some strand(s) of linux.
so here is the build i arrived at:
260 - i5-4670k
190 - MSI Z87-GD65 gaming mobo
195 (195) - EVGA GeForce gtx 650ti boost superclocked 2gb
80$ - Kingston heperx 2x4gb 1600mhz(red)
110 - ADATA S510 120gb
120 - corsair TX850M
75 - corsair carbide 300R
20 - some optical drive
total: about 1030

All of the prices above are based on ones obtained from canada computers. What is your opinion of this build? Please note i most likely end up buying this set up from canada computers because they are nearby/i think i'd be too impatient to wait for shipping (
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  2. The 850w PSU is overkill get a 650w.

    The rest looks awesome!
  3. i would suggest dropping the SSD in favour of a better GPU and get an aftermarket CPU cooler, also are u planning on future SLI? if not drop the PSU to 600W
  4. Don't forget to choose a Best Solution when you open a question thread , the forum members will appreciate that.Thanks for posting on the forum.
  5. If you're spending about $200 on a graphics card, I'd consider buying a 7870 like this one:

    I have this card and I can run BF3 on ultra for what it's worth.
  6. Kingbob said:

    Is there a big difference between the 840 pro and normal 840 that's worth 40-50$?
  7. The 840 non pro is outstanding get it.
  8. so here is the new build based on your suggestions:
    260$ - i5-4670k
    190 - MSI Z87-GD65 gaming mobo -minus combo discount
    254 -XFX Double D Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB (20$ MIRebate)
    80 - Kingston heperx 2x4gb 1600mhz w/XMP(red)
    100 - samsung 840 120gb
    95 - corsair TX650 v2
    75 - corsair carbide 300R
    --> 1050 + tax

    it fits quite nicely into my budget without an optical drive. I'm currently using an older computer with a celeron processor(>.<) it is about 5-7 years old, would its optical drive possibly be compatible? Even though read speeds would be slow i can always upgrade it later. Most of you suggested i switch to a 650w power supply instead of a 850w. If i later install a liquid cooling system, HDD and OC will this be enough to power my rig? Would a 750 watt do if it doesn't? Thanks a lot! :)
  9. That will be a nice upgrade.
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