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So I just put myself together a computer for the first time and besides the typical errors and everything else that comes along with computers I noticed a very strange occurrence. My computer would be completely off or asleep and then randomly turn on or restart saying there was an error. The error was windows power-kernel event ID 41 task category 63. I was thinking about it and my mini-fridge which is plugged into the same power strip as my pc has affected my digital to analog audio converter from my laptop before and was wondering if it kicking on and off would send a spike to my pc and cause it to come on.
My hardware is as follows:

Any thoughts or input would be much appreciated thanks. Also I have no problems when the computer is on, just when it is off or asleep.
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  1. That is a distinct possibility. It is generally not good to have cyclical, high-drain appliances on the same circuit as a PC or other delicate electronics.
  2. Yeah from what little electrical engineering classes I've taken thus far in college I kinda figured, unfortunately my apartment bedroom has very few outlets. I managed to get all the stuff out of it and unplugged it. Ill update this if the computer can sleep longer than me tonight.
  3. So I unplugged my refrigerator and about half an hour after I shut down my computer it was turning itself back on, I went and turned it off again and about 30 seconds later back on again so I turned it off and flipped the psu switch. Any ideas why this would happen? I'm looking into getting a good surge protector for it but could it be anything else like the mouse or keyboard?
  4. Reset its BIOS to defaults; at the very least make sure there isn't an alarm set. Check any Wake-on-LAN settings, and make sure mouse and/or keyboard activity are not set to turn the machine on (I usually have this feature turned on, but it might be a nuisance if vibration or other interference keeps turning your machine on).
  5. I checked the bios and switched over the power strip to a cyber power surge protector and I think that helped however I let the computer sleep and it kept waking up then when it went back to sleep it would take a little while then wake up again. I received these two errors
  6. I also have a bugcheck of 0x0000009f (0x0000000000000003, 0xfffffa8010229330, 0xfffff88002a5b7f0, 0xfffffa800f842990).
  7. I can't think of what it's called atm, but did you load that Intel software that periodically wakes up a PC to check social networks and email? If you did, uninstall that (unless you want it).
  8. Intel Smart Connect? No I don't have that installed.
  9. And actually those error said that they caused my computer to restart and not just wake up
  10. sorry for all the updates but what seems to be causing the machine to wake up from sleep is "Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued."
    [Update] I fixed this problem I think, all I did was turn off the power save settings for the pci express linkstate power management and it seemed to work for now. I don't know if that will fix the other problem or not though.
  11. Right Click start and click device manager go to network adaptors then right click and then properties and goto power management tab and trun off allow this device to wake computer do that with all of them some wont have power management tab theats fine then do that to all keyboards and mice
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