My Custom Build Good with these mobos?

This is my Custom Build for my Rig. I was wondering which mobo works best for it. I prefer either since they show where the front panel connectors are and are easy on the eyes unlike Asus(Imo) since this is going to be my 1st custom built gaming pc so i need something easy to look at :P







Video Card:

Cpu Cooler:

Which mobo is compatible. If both, which is just plain and simple better.

Mobo 1:


Also, is Mobo2 already overclocked?
And which is better to overclock with?
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    Both would work - the question I would ask is; do I have the need for the overclocking bells and whistles the more expensive board provides? In my case, I'd say no since I prefer to do my overclocking through BIOS and am weary of 'instant OC' buttons (just my take)
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