cpu heatsink size.

HI there,

I want to ask will the Cm hyper 212 evo fit in this case with a fx 6300
Case: cooler master storm scout 2 advanced
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  1. Yes that cooler will fit that case, and since its universal it works on any cpu. You should have fairly decent clearance too.
  2. and what for overclocks I can reach with it
    mobo: msi 990XA-GD55
  3. Yeah it would fix with ease

    If u r buying a 212 evo dont buy it

    Hers the link

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  4. With hyper 212 you will reach 3.5 stock to 3.9
  5. It would be up to around 3.9 to 4GHz with that one. The evo out performs alot of entry level watercoolers too.
  6. but would it fit in my case???

    I know i'm a noob in overclocking and cases
  7. Yeah it would fit just fine.
  8. If you can close your case, the cooler's too small.

    Okay, just kidding, but you want a lot of cooling power.
  9. Yes it would fit the case

    What about the offer i told u aout younes???
  10. Evo does not outperformes seidion 120m
  11. is there no cheaper watercooler (pcpartpicker location germany please.)
    limit is 30 euro....
  12. Ohkay lemme check
  13. thanks :)
  14. Best answer
    No there is nothing less than 54£ sorry
    Get the evo 212 it will reach 4ghz

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  15. lol just seen that the fx 6300 get boost of 4.1 GHz on stock heatsink
  16. Yeah it does get but i was talking for the base clock it would put the turbo to 4.5 which is 4.1 now

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  17. how???
    AAnd thanks
  18. Its just programmed that way to have .6 ghz turbo
  19. Glad to help u
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