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I have nearly finalized my new build but I have a few questions
Here are the Specs, everything is linked

Intel Core i5 4670K (239$)
MSI Z87-G45 G Series LGA1150 Motherboard (165$)
XFX Core Edition 550W (57$)
HAF 912 Combat Edition (PRICE MATCH 62$)
ASUS 24X ODD OEM (17$)
Power Color 7770 (109$ PRICE MATCH!)
Western Digital Black 1TB (89$)
8GB Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 1600Mhz CL9 (78$ PRICE MATCH)
Windows 8 64 Bit (97$)
ASUS USB N-53 Dual Band (37$)
NGEAR ESD Wrist Strap (1.07$ PRICE MATCH!)
CM Hyper 212 Evo (29$)

So my questions are

1.Monitor: Which monitor is better?
Benq GW2255 or LG 22EN43T
LG: (115$)
BENQ: (119$)
2. Is the build good in general?
3. Is the ODD good enough to load games?

I will be doing hardcore gaming (mind the GPU, I will upgrade when I save money for the GTX 760)I will also be streaming and World/powerpoint

The price comes up to 1240$ including tax & shipping
Suggestions are welcome as long as it is on NCIX.CA, I dont want to divert to another site for one item as it will eventually cost more due to added tax and shipping, Also, I have free shipping for my entire order on NCIX


I just pricematched this card to 115$
Its from MSI which I prefer and has better reviews, not to mention looks good
You guys think its better than the Powercolor one? (Cooling and noise is a concern)
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