Gigabyte 7950 3GB not being recognised, need some help/advise

Ok so I decided to dive in and build my own pc, as this is my first build, I'm still learning, and I'll admit I'm a bit disheartened. Ok first off ill give you the specs then tell you the issue. S pc spec.

Intel I5 - 3470
8GB corsair ram.
Asus P8Z77 - V LX
Gigabyte 7950 3GB AMD
Akasa AK-PA075AM01 750 Watts
Western digital blue 1TB hard drive.

Anyhoo now you can see what I'm working with, we'll the build went well, all went together fine I thought. Booted up my pc and all seemed fine but I could not locate the graphics card in the bios or in the system once it was booted. It was using the integrated one. Now I've tried installing latest drivers and I get the same message about the drivers already being installed. Short of flushing the bios (I have no idea how to do that btw, been doing a lot of reading tonight before posting) I'm out of ideas. I just don't know what to do to get it to work.

Any help you guys could throw my way would be much appreciated.

As stated above I'm quite disheartened by this as I was hoping it would fit together nicely but I suppose life isn't like that, I just hope I can get it sorted.

Many thanks in advance for any responses I get, I'll check back tomorrow as I'm beat.
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    You plugged in the power connectors? The card is inserted fully in to the PCI slot? Do the fans spin up?
    You secured the card by screwing in the screws?
  2. Any video output on the card?

    Can you set the primary video to PCI-E?
  3. related to what smeezekitty is saying. Make sure your video output is plugged into the video card and not the motherboard or it will use the onboard grahpics.
  4. Thanks for your replies guys. It turned out that me being a newbie at this forgot to plus one of the two prong wire into the card. essentially it wasn't getting enough or any power. Once I popped that in, it fired up first time, all seems to be working fine.

    Again cheers for your responses. :)
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