need help installing power supply

I followed the instructions that it came with as best as i could but there are still wires that i think still need to be hooked up inside the pc, so i was hoping to get some additional help here?
Here are some pictures to help you understand with what i have:

picture of all the ports(for each port i have the wire that gives with it) that are on the power supply:
Here is picture of fan wires and the molex to fdd adapter(which im confused about what to do with):

It would be really helpful if you could tell me which wire/port to hook up where, including which port/wire to hook up the cd drive to! If you need anymore info/picture PLEASE let me know and I will do so! I just want to make this thing run!
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  1. The molex to fdd adapter you prolly don't need unless you have a 3.5 inch floppy drive.
    If you have everything connected as before then it's ok to leave the other wires out/unconnected.
  2. This guide may prove to be helpful here - the fdd (floppy disk drive) connector shouldn't be needed
  3. Ok cool so, ill leave the Fdd cord out of the picture..Now 2 questions which cords should i use to hook up the disk drive to the power supply and how do i hook up the 2 fans i have to the power supply?
  4. Hook up the hard drives using the sata connectors, if the sata connectors don't fit then you need the big 4 pin molex connectors.
    Fans should hook up to the motherboard if they are little 3/4 pin connectors, if they are not the little 3/4 pin connectors then more than likely you need the big 4 pin molex connectors. And you would connect those to the "PATA" connector on the power supply.
  5. Ok so far I have figured out ( i think) HDD and Disk Drive. My problem right now is still the fans. Heres a picture of what it looks like right now, because I dont know how to hook it up to the motherboard if i do or even which port to hook it up to the power supply.

    edit: ok so for connecting the fans to the power supply, all i need to know for that is which port to plug it into, the cpu port, pata port or sata port. I also still am unsure how to hook it up to the motherboard
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    In your last picture it looks like everything is connected fine as long as that end that is going to the bottom of the picture eventually ends up plugging into the power supply lol
    Edit: It is fine leaving the end of the "double ended" connector that goes to the fans unconnected. As long as the other end is connected.
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