Help me upgrade my computer for gaming with a low budget.

Hey i need to upgrade my computer, the hard part is that i have no money so the budget is really low 200 pound at max preferable 150 pound.

My spec right now
Asus m4a77 motherboard
AMD Athlon (tm) ll X4 635
ATI radeon HD 5670
Memory is 4gb corsair DDR2 2x1gb more i don't know
The power supply is a 500 watt no idea of brand but was a high end part when i bought it same with the memory but it was about 9-11 years ago i bought them.

I know the budget is low but i can't spare anymore.
I would prefer not to get nvidia cards if i should get a graphics card but if i have to ill get it. (had 3 before all 3 broke in about 1-3 weeks after i bought never had a radeon break on me)

I won't put in a intel cpu thats were i draw the line, don't know why but i hate them wouldn't put one in even if thats the only cpu that would exist would rather be without a computer then put one in.
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  2. oh yea youd could step the gpu down to a radeon 7770 ghz if you don't want to spend that much. anything lower wouldn't be very good
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