Good Gaming cases worth buying (But Cheap) :)

Hello guys.. I wanted to ask u pros if u know any good gaming cases.. I saw a video on youtube in which a guy had a really great case but it was VERY Expensive!
The thing I liked about it was that It had space at the back (Just behind motherboard) Where u could put any unwanted wires.. And You could even Spread wires behind it so It looked Neat and Tidy plus good Air flow. (Sorry for such a stupid definition).
Anyway are there some cheap cases like those where u can do that? and Also It would be awesome if the side cover has that transparent windows so everything inside is visible .
And price should be around 45$ - 60$..
Waiting for your replies!
Thank u! :) ._. (:
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  1. CM Storm Enforcer
  2. Go with a Cougar Mid ATX Challenger from Newegg its big with enough room for improvment and its on sale for 60 right now but its normaly priced around 70 or so.... Ive had the case before and people always gave me compliments on how cool it looks and because of how much room it gives you to work with.
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    Rosewill CHALLENGER-U3 Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower. Has pretty good cooling and does allow for cable management behind the mother board. Also has 2 usb 3.0's on the front (2.0's work with them too so no problem there). Has 120mm blue led fan on the front if that makes a difference too ;)
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