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So I am almost sure I am going with the 760 (leaning towards MSI) but I still like more opinions. Also I was looking at some anandtech benchmarks and was surprised to see that the HD gpus absolutely dominate in the LuxMark, computer vision, and fluid simulation benches, while losing in most others, especially the total war benchmark which is important to me since I am looking forward to the new total war rome 2. What is the real significance of these non-game benchmarks?

here is the link to the benchmarks in question:

edit: this is the link I was mostly looking at actually (the 7950 is not boosted):
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  1. I know the two are more or less equal on most benches so what is the significance of those few benches where one dominates the other?
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    I too am purchasing the GTX 760, specifically the MSI Twin Frozr. It was between that one and the Gigabyte - there are no reviews on the revision 2.0 model out and some anecdotal evidence says it doesn't cool as well. I will wait for further clarification on that.

    Back on point HardOCP did an extensive article on overclocking the MSI model and how it compares to the 7950 with Boost, the 7870 LE (tahiti), and the 660 Ti. I suggest the entire read but here's an excerpt from the conclusion:

    With these prices in mind, the MSI N760 OC, at stock settings, technically beat out, in raw performance, the Radeon HD 7950 Boost. The gameplay experience was the same. However, when we overclocked both, the Radeon HD 7950 turned around and provided the technically higher raw performance. However the gameplay experience was still the same.

    The same holds true for the more expensive GeForce GTX 670 as we found out in our initial evaluation. We concluded that the MSI N760 OC (and in turn the GTX 760 as a whole) was a better value compared to the GeForce GTX 670, it would save you $66-75, while still providing near the same performance.

    Well, we can now saw that the same is true compared to the AMD Radeon HD 7950 Boost. The MSI N760 OC (and in turn the GT 760 as a whole) is a better value compared to the Radeon HD 7950 Boost. You will save $40-50 and get the same or better performance at stock settings. The gameplay experience is the same, and you will save money. When overclocked the HD 7950 Boost has a slight performance advantage, but it is still so close that the gameplay experience is the same.

    Our performance summary is that the MSI N760 OC (and GTX 760 GPU) is a good value, and worth the money savings, compared to GeForce GTX 670 and AMD Radeon HD 7950 Boost.

    Edited for update - the conclusion speaks to real-world game performance not synthetic benchmarks. The games were all playable on the same settings and overclocking them all didn't allow for better game play settings but the 670 and 7950 with Boost averaged more FPS, though at added cost. Be advised as well that in the article it focuses on the 1080p resolution - other reviews have indicated that the 7950 with Boost handles higher resolutions better than the GTX 760.
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