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I'm building my first PC and I decided to keep it at around 500 - 600 dollars. I've done a lot of research and this is the best I have found for the price
Cpu: Intel i5 3570k
Mobo: H61M-E33/W8 LGA 1155 H61 mATX Intel Motherboard
RAM: Using from old prebuilt computer (8 gb)
PSU: Corsair CX430
GPU: GTX 760
Are there any other parts I could use to optimize it for gaming?
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  1. instead of H61. I suggest you get z77.
    The "z" mobos are kinda meant for overclocking and I'm guessing you will using that i5 3570k
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    Also, to support gtx 760, you probably need a higher wattage psu. 600w-650w
  3. If price is the problem. maybe go for gtx 650ti and get z77 and keep the psu
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