Forgot standoffs, but haven't turned on the computer yet. Safe to use motherboard?

So I forgot the standoffs initially, but realized my error prior to plugging the computer in. I took the entire thing back apart so I can install the standoffs, but I'm wondering if the motherboard is likely already damaged due to contact with the case as I was putting it together without standoffs (remember, I put the ENTIRE thing together before I realized my mistake so there was plenty of time for the motherboard to touch the metallic siding). Should I just play it safe and return this motherboard and get a new one? If I test it first could it damage my graphics card/ram/power supply/etc?

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  1. No power on, no problem.

    Go for it.
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    Take it out of the case, set it on the mobo box it came with and "breadboard" test it. Do not, I repeat DO NOT turn it on!

    It should be fine, but breadboard it just to be sure.
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