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my raedon amd graphics card 2gb doesn't work with this game what should i do?
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  1. What model is your card? Does this happen to all games you tried?
  2. no it is happening with batman alone... i saw setting there i found graphics card 'nvidia' and i couldn't change it to raedon
  3. That's really good news. Now we know the problem is completely software. So if I understand correctly, you have Radeon card but it's being recognized as Nvidia in Batman Arkham City/Asylum right?
  4. no what i think is that game requires nvidia geforce 8800 and i have raedon... if i go in settings then i find that infront of steroscopic 3d status 'not available' is written and requirement is of nvidia... i can not change that to raedon
  5. That game title is not for Nvidia cards only if that is what you are suggesting. And the 8800 is a very old card. Unless your card is older than 8800 you should be able to run the game.

    Everyone will suggest this, so i'll do the same. Make sure Catalyst is up to date. New drivers = more stability. You'll be surprised the difference it makes.
  6. plus in hardware accelerated physx option when i put it to high nvidia geforce gtx 570 is required... i think my graphics card isnt working at all
  7. problem is not with the card man mine is new though i do not know the exact nomenclature of it.. problem is that game isnt working with it.. im not sure how to change settings and use my card instead of nvidia which is required
  8. Never did I suggest anything was wrong with the card. Unless you have a dedicated Nvidia card just for PhysX with your Radeon card, don't run PhysX.
  9. ok i wont run it... i put it off... but what can i do about other problem? how can my card work with this game?
  10. AMD Radeon™ HD 7670M
  11. If you are sure it's 7670M then you're on a laptop. For your chip on medium settings getting 40-50 frames is common and running the game is not an issue.

    You mentioned other games run so your system is stable. Which copy of the Batman are you trying to run? Steam or non-steam? Make sure the vendor that sold you the copy is legitimate.
  12. it is non steam and worked on my previous laptop with windows 7 well but it is not working here plus im not able to play it in offline mode... all the game i play is lost as it is not saved and sometimes video doesnt run smooth in the game
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    I know your exact problem. Non-steam will use Windows Live to save your game. If your progress in the game is not saved and you do not want to play online, you will need to create local Windows Live profile. When the game asks you to sign in or log in, scroll down and there will be an option to create a local profile if you don't already have one. This will take care of the save problem.

    Your original problem: Are you able to even start the game? Or does the game start and then crash? Or does the game start with low FPS?
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