Upgrading my graphics card, $250 budget

I am looking to buy a new mid range gaming graphics card as soon as possible and I need help choosing. My budget is a around $250 but the less the better.

I have been looking at GTX 760, HD 7950, and HD 7870. I saw this HD 7870 at $170 after rebate and wanted to know if it is a better price to performance than a GTX 760 or the HD 7950.

Thanks in advance for any and all the help and feedback!

My current system specs:
Asrock z77 extreme3 motherboard
i7 2700k CPU
Galaxy Geforce 210 GPU
Cooler Master 700W Power Supply
8gb G.Skill Sniper RAM
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  1. at least a 256 bit and 2gb vram
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    I would suggest the MSI TF GTX 760 at 249.99 after MIR at Newegg -

    True that card costs $80 more. Here's TechPowerUp's take on the reference GTX 760 versus the reference 7870 -

    As you can see there's a 18% performance increase over the 7870 and an 8% increase over the 7950; the gains hold steady at 1080p as well. The MSI version I linked to has a 20% boost in performance over the 7870 reference and 11% over the 7950.

    The GTX 760 per HardOCP's overclocking review conclusion performs as well as the GTX 670 and 7950 with Boost all overclocked, both of which cost $50 more or so.

    The MSI version is considered to be super quiet and cools very well. The same can be said about the Gigabyte version. The above referenced EVGA model has the best performance "out of the box," but as reviewed is louder and hotter than the MSI and Gigabyte and the MSI is $10 less.

    Should you spend the extra 38.8% ($70) for the better performer? It all depends on your budget, which games you play, and at what resolutions you play them at. In my opinion though the GTX 760 is well worth the extra price if you game at 1080p; it's reviewed as the best card for that resolution for the cost. It's the card I am buying.
  3. best answer would be highly appreciated :)
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