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Some eyefinity questions..

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July 18, 2013 8:36:46 PM

Hi guys, I have a twinfrozr 7950 hd. I plan on running, for now - just 2x 17" monitors and I'll be buying a 23-26" for the third. I'm wondering what things can go wrong with my card or anything else? Will it decrease its overall lifespan? Does my psu only having 550W hinder anything? Or will everything be fine and will I not have to worry about all this.

Also, I'm not very techy - what ports are on the back of my card? With these two 17" monitors, I'm using an adapter for one of them to connect to one of the mini-DP I think it's called.. The second monitor is vga, but goes through a dvi connector to plug in.

Thanks for the replies!!

EDIT: I will be upgrading those 17" monitors soon.

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July 18, 2013 9:37:19 PM

First off, let's put your mind at ease. There is no reason to worry about any power supply issues or overload or anything like that. Having multiple monitors plugged into your card does not draw any power (in terms of wattage) from the video card. Nor will having more monitors decrease the lifespan of your card.

The only issue that you might run into is running out of frame buffer if you are doing anything extremely graphics intensive at high resolutions. But that wont damage anything, just cause a bit of lag.

Your card has the following ports:

2x mini displayport (mini-DP)
1x HDMI (high definition media interface)
1x Dual Link DVI-I (Digital Video interface)

HDMI stands for High Definition Media Interface. This connection is digital and can carry an HD video signal as well as an HD audio signal in the same cable. Variations of it are used on most current TVs and monitors. An HDMI cable and a DVI cable carry the same type of video signal, so an HDMI cable is essentially a glorified DVI cable.

DVI stands for Digital Video Interface. There are several types of DVI: Single Link, Dual Link, DVI-A, DVI-D, and DVI-I.
Those types just indicate whether the signal is analog or digital, and what type of connector it uses. Your graphics card probably has a DVI-I port.

Displayport is a digital connection backwards compatable with DVI and VGA. It is an HD connection on most modern monitors.
July 18, 2013 9:59:36 PM

So saying I still keep everything in the same ports from the previous post I said, with this next bigger monitor, will I have to buy it and it will have to be either hdmi or get an adapter for it to plug into a mini-dp? What types of adapters go into a mini-dp one, VGA or DVI or are there adapters for every one?

EDIT: Also, I read the eyefinity setup thread on here, do all resolutions really have to be the same? These 17" are only 1280 x 1024, the newer 24"+ ones seem to go a lot higher. Is this bad?