Horrible FPS with Radeon HD 7950

Hey guys, hows it going?

I don't really know where to put this topic besides here

I'm bringing up a problem that I cannot solve no matter how many google searches I do.

I just built my system a couple weeks ago. I was very disappointed when I only got 10 - 20 FPS in any game I play. I cannot find a solution anywhere! I have the latest drivers too!

Heres a complete list of my specs


Processor: AMD FX 8350 @ 4.0 GHz
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7950 3GB DDR5 by Gigabyte
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz DDR3
1TB Seagate Hard Drive
120 GB Solid State Drive
Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46

Any help will be appreciated!

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  1. What are the clocks on the card during games?
  2. Is there a way to check this? :o
  3. cuecuemore said:
    What are the clocks on the card during games?

    maybe ur PCI-E slot is bad
  4. wat games u play ?
  5. Use MSI afterburner to check usage, clocks and temps.
  6. I'm new to this, lol. Is that someone I download? :O
  7. @Buzz.
    The motherboard is brand new since I had to RMA my other one. Same motherboard as the other one though.
    I play GTA IV, Planetside 2, Arma 2 and a couple other games. I only get 20 FPS, yet a friend of mine has a lower end video card and gets 60+ FPS on all these. I just don't understand!
  8. Mahisse,
    I currently have version 2.0. What caused my last motherboard to break was a BIOS Update. It turns out the most recent ones are for Windows 8. Version 2.0 is the most recent I can get!
  9. Hi
    Well if you look at the link I provided you you can see that version 2.2 is an update that supports windows 8. So if you are running windows 8 I think you should at least update to version 2.2

    If you are in doubt how to update your BIOS just write here and we can try to help you through the process.
  10. I have Windows 7, not Windows 8.
  11. Could it be that I have to go in my BIOS and change things?
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